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Youtube to Mp3 converter: Online web-based tool

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YouTube to mp3 converteris an online tool that provides conversion for your best and most trendy videos. Conversion has become easy by using the best tools, especially for favorite videos. There could be many reasons to change the format of the video including you don’t want to watch the video. Conversion in the mp3 format decreases the size of the video file (if you don’t have enough space). Through the converter, you will get the video file into the desired format within a few seconds. So, choosing the best converter will be the right decision for you!

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Introduction about Youtube to Mp3 Converter

Youtube to Mp3 Converter is a web-based online tool that works only when you have connected to the internet. Users don’t need to think in depth about the charges as most converters are totally free. The converter has been developed by skilled people so it takes your video and converts it into your desired format automatically. You are free to convert videos as many as you want to. Sometimes, it gives an error because of the genuine issue. It also gives you the ability to select the mp3 format as well as other formats.

Why do users approach Youtube Converter?

In this modern era, most people are spending their time on Youtube to watch different types of videos. People love to watch sports highlights, dramas, cooking recipes, and vlogs, and learn skills from Youtube. But still, they are not able to convert the favorite videos into desired formats, therefore converters are for you! For instance, if they want to convert the video into mp3 format then they approach the different converters.

Useful Features of Youtube to Mp3 Converter

There are some useful features of Youtube to Mp3 Converter that might encourage you to use the converter. These useful features that are mentioned below are common in most converters.

•             Mostly converters are totally free-to-use from the beginning steps to the end of the conversion.

•             Converters give you high-quality conversion and downloading for unlimited videos.

•             Youtube to mp3 converters provide prevention from malware and virus because every person’s device needs security.

•             Converters support numerous formats such as MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, WEBM as well as MP3 etc.

•             Users can use the converter from a variety of devices such as MAC, Linux, Windows, Android, and iPhone. After conversion or downloading, the converted file will also run on these devices.

•             In order to download or convert the video, the converter provides a variety of sizes such as 1080p, 2160p, 2k, 4k, and 8k.

•             User-pleasant interface attracts the user, therefore converters provide a simple interface. Users of any age can use the converters without learning their usage.

•             One of the main user’s favorite features is that Youtube to mp3 converters provide fast conversion.

•             Users are able to download or convert unlimited videos.

How to use the Youtube to mp3 converter?

I know some software or application are difficult to use and users need to understand it first from an experienced person. But in the case of Youtube to mp3 converter, there is no need to understand. It’s very easy to use for the experienced as well as for newcomers.

•             Copy the link to your favorite videos from Youtube and open the converter in the Google or Chrome Browser.

•             After opening the website of the converter, you will encounter a search box. Then just paste the copied link of the videos.

•             Multiple formats and sizes of the file will show on this web-based online tool. Select the format and size for downloading or conversion.

•             Then you will get the video or mp3 audio within a few seconds or minutes.


•             Before using any online tool, collect and see the reviews from other people about a particular tool.

•             User should always use the authentic tool from the official website.

•             If any converter’s website demand some personal information before conversion then the user should move from there to another tool.

•             If your PC is slowed down after conversion or downloading then delete the file or uninstall the tool.

Some Top Converters for Youtube Videos

There are many converters for Youtube videos but I’m going to mention here some of them.

1.         YTMP3

YTMP3 is one of the top video converters nowadays. This dominant converter provides a wide range of features. It is totally free and gives the ability to the user to choose the desired format for conversion or downloading. A User-friendly interface gives the user comfort way to use this web-based online tool.

2.         SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader is a powerful online tool that helps you to convert videos from Youtube easily. No need to buy a subscription version as it is 100% free. It enables the user to select the format of what he/she wants. Users can download or convert unlimited videos as it provides limitless facilities. It has the speed to convert or download your favorite videos.

3.         YTD Video Converter and Downloader

YTD is also a good and free video converter and downloader. It also provides the capability to the user to buy a subscription version in order to remove the ads. An easy interface makes the user more interactive. This online tool is quick and fast for conversion and downloading. Multiple formats and sizes provide a wide range of options.

4.         By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is an easy-to-use as well as free-to-use tool. It provides various sizes for your favorite videos and multiple formats. Fast way to download videos and convert them automatically. Users can download or convert a large number of videos.

These are four converters but there are some other online converters such as

•             iTubeGo

•             Youtuebtomp3

•             Big Converter

•             Any Video Converter

•             YT2conv

•             WinX Video Converter

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