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Gimkit: Quiz game for learning

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Gimkit is a platform that provides a gaming style to learn and ensure the engagement of students with an attractive interface.

Almost every parents want that their children to do their best in their studies but students may get bored while studying. So, there is a need to engage them in studies with a gaming twist for their longer engagement towards studies. You might have experience with various platforms that provides learning facilities for students. In this era, online learning is the new way to learn the school or other institution’s course even from home. When other platforms are serving by providing online learning to the students as well as to the teachers. Gimkit is also doing well in providing the best learning platform for students with gaming styles. It offers some rewards to the students for that they could learn for a longer time and come back again.

If you want to know about Gimkit and its features and how a student or teacher can log in to this wonderful platform. Here is the guide to tell about it. So, you just have to go through the article.

What is actually the Gimkit?

Gimkit is a game-show platform that enables students to learn online and teachers to assign work. This learning platform is the best-suited platform for both students as well as for teachers because it provides many features. Students can get tasks from teachers and they can also submit their completed tasks to the teacher through this platform. To enhance the interest of students, it has also a feature that grants score points. It gives the ability to the teachers perform many responsible activities regarding students’ studies.

Later in this article, we will dive into the depth of this platform. So, stay tuned to this article to know further!

The idea of Gimkit

This wonderful and helpful app-based learning platform provides its best features to the teachers as well as to students. A student was working on a school project and the student decided to create a learning platform with the style of a game. But for now, Gimkit provides the best performance and it has become a popular learning platform. Maybe the student thought that people engage in games so we should introduce a learning platform with a gaming style.

If you use Gimkit, then you will encounter many helpful features and an attractive interface. As discussed earlier, this is a game-show platform so it also offers score points after providing the right answer.

User-friendly interface of Gimkit

Many attractive and beautiful colors are used in this app-based education platform. Any normal student can use this app-based quiz platform for learning easily and can navigate through this platform. It uses a nice and easily visible font size so that students can understand the features and questions on this platform. The easy-to-use interface provides an easy way to solve the gameplay quiz and increase the score points. Gimkit will ask you first whether you’re a student or a teacher. Because after knowing your education status, the game-show platform provides the needed features. It provides four options for the students to answer the asked question.

How it will be good for teachers?

Helpful for teachers as it gives the ability to the teachers to check reports after every quiz through this platform. After assigning the homework or quiz, the teacher can check the reports of every student. Teachers can easily login into this app-based quiz platform through a Google account or using email. They need to import the roaster into the Gimkit so that they can assign homework to the students.

Teachers are able to take online live classes through this platform and students can join the live class as well. Students can log in or join the class by using a shared game code by a teacher or through an account. Teachers can take live classes or assign homework to the students for independent practice.

 There are some kits in the Gimkit that are sets of questions and these sets are added by some other users. So, teachers can also use a copy of these sets of questions to take tests from the students. Teachers can build the quiz or questions with the students by using the KitCollab feature. If you don’t know about the KitCollab feature, then don’t because it will be discussed further later in the article. Teachers can set the date of the deadline for the submission of quiz answers.

How we can use the Gimkit?

If you are a teacher then you have to sign up by entering credentials also or through a Google account. Then the teacher will see two options, who are you whether a teacher or a student? So, being a teacher select the teacher option then you will have features that are for teachers.

Students are also able to join the live class by using the game code and teachers have provided the game code. The teacher can also send an invitation to the students to join. Students can also sign up on their own for learning and getting higher score points. When students attend the live class lecture then this class is run by the central account of the teacher. Teachers need to import a roaster to assign the assignments to the students and also to manage the class. Students can also sign up or log in to the Gimkit by using their own email and password.

Students also submit their questions for the teacher and the teacher will answer them. One thing is that there will be a limitation for participants’ numbers in the free version so check it first. Only a specific number of students can join the class. The quiz for the student should be projected on the main screen.

Some Features of Gimkit

When you use this game-show platform it will provide you with a variety of features. So, there are some features:

•           KitCollab

This helping feature for both the teachers and students because it enables you to build a quiz with your teacher. Being a student, you can help the teacher by making a quiz and the teacher can review the questions.

•           Reward of the Game

In normal life, parents say to children that if they do well in their studies then we will give them a reward. Same in this game-show platform that if you give the right answer then you earn the virtual currency. By using virtual currency you can invest and increase the score point. But keep in mind that if you provide the wrong answer then it can decrease your score.

•           Live Lecture

It provides the ability to the teacher to take live class by sharing the game code or other way. The teacher can send an invitation to the students to join the class.

•           Hold of the teacher

Teacher has many abilities in the platform because being a teacher he/she can perform many activities. Teachers can check the students’ reports, assign homework or assignments, data analytics, can take live class. Teacher can also quiz or do homework for independent practice and can set deadlines for assignments.

Is Gimkit free?

Gimkit also has a free version but in the free version, you will not have full features and all modes of this platform. There will also be a limitation on how many students or users can join the class at the same time. Gimkit also has its premium version and you can also buy a premium version.


This is overall a wonderful platform for your learning in gaming style. It provides you with a pleasant and easy-to-use interface to use this platform with full of ease. Students can learn by making a group or individually. They can compete in learning against other students. Teachers also have many abilities in this platform, for example, checking students’ reports, setting deadlines for assignments, taking live classes, etc. Learning through Gimkit is a wonderful and enjoyable experience. continue reading.

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